How to freshen up your spring cuisine

For food fanatics, spring is the perfect time of year to add fresh produce back into your recipes and meals. Using seasonal ingredients can really help capture and enhance the flavors of spring and bring your cuisine to life. Whether you're using first yields from your garden or visiting the farmers market as soon as it opens, there are plenty of ways to take advantage of the season.

Spring fling must-haves

Spring provides the perfect opportunity to host a party and show off all of the hard work you've put into your lawn and garden. Before your first guest arrives, make sure you have made all the preparations for your blooms to blossom, your garden to grow and your outdoor space to be pest free.

Cranberries are good for much more than just sauce

Cooler weather brings on cravings for hearty, delicious meals featuring the flavors of the fall harvest. One of these traditional autumn flavors is so versatile that it is used in breakfast, entree, dessert and snack recipes: cranberries. This season, take the time to explore the many different ways cranberries can go beyond your traditional cranberry sauce to add zing to your plate and natural beauty to your table.

Four ways to make holiday entertaining a breeze

With the holidays drawing close, your home will soon be the center of attention when entertaining guests from near and far. From creating a festive atmosphere to feeding friends and family, it's important to plan ahead for a hassle-free holiday season everyone will enjoy. Make this season's party planning less stressful and costly with these simple tips.

Score big with these game day entertaining tips

With football and basketball season in full swing, it's the perfect time to invite family and friends over to root on the home team. Hosting a crowd-pleasing party can be simple with a little preparation. Score big with these simple game day entertaining tips.

Score big with a game-day snacking strategy

Whether you're snacking through the biggest football kick-off of the year or an epic college basketball match-up - score big with lower-calorie, game-day snacks that won't crush your passion, but will keep you fueled up for the game-winning play. Consider including these game-time snacking rituals next time you're getting ready for the big game.

Saving money during the holiday season can be easier than you think

If you are like most Americans, you will likely spend an average of $764 on gifts alone this holiday season, according to a Gallup survey. When totaling up the cost of gifts with extra trips to the grocery store, dinners out to toast the season and travel costs to visit loved ones, you're looking at quite a holiday spending spree. While we all recognize that we spend a little extra during the holiday season, there are ways to give yourself a present this season and have your money working for you.

Holiday dining gets fresh flavor with new uses for seasonal ingredients

When the weather cools, do your cravings turn toward peppermint? Or perhaps the approaching holidays are priming your palate for pumpkin and gingerbread. Some flavors and ingredients just seem to go naturally with the season. While time-honored culinary traditions will always have a place in our seasonal celebrations, mix things up this year by using familiar ingredients in non-traditional ways.

Simple ideas to makeover a lunch in just minutes

Rather than sitting down to a wholesome meal, do you spend your lunch break running errands, catching up on bills or organizing your kid's next big activity? Too often busy parents and working professionals have to choose between eating well and doing important tasks during the lunch hour. With the start of the new year, it's time to take back lunch with a few healthy ideas that will makeover your meals in just minutes.

Turkey is tops for easy, everyday meals

At this busy time of year, it's often difficult to get a meal on the table, especially if you're multitasking between other priorities around the home. Consider including turkey burgers in your dinner menus - it's a great way to add protein and create a delicious and convenient meal without having to be tied to your kitchen for hours.

Planning a party without big problems

Planning a large celebration can be challenging. From setting a date that works for everyone to creating a fun party atmosphere, there is a lot of work that goes into planning the perfect event. Regardless of who the party is for, there are some ways to ensure your big party comes off without a hitch.

The right home tools for a healthier lifestyle

Even with the best intentions, many of us who resolve to live a healthier lifestyle in 2013 will fall back into old, familiar habits much sooner than we would like. To maintain motivation and create a routine that is both sustainable and effective, it's important to invest in the right tools for every room in your house.

Red carpet tips to make the most of awards season

From the Oscars to the Grammys, it doesn't matter if you're a music buff, movie mogul or somewhere in between, there's an awards show for everyone to watch from home. With so many red carpets rolling out, make the most of the season, and have some fun along the way.

Food terms to help navigate the menu and the supermarket

When you're scanning a restaurant menu or walking the grocery store aisles, do you know what many of the food terms really mean? What designates "local," and what is the difference between organic and non-organic? Here is a helpful guide for staying in the know when it comes to what you eat.

How to make your cocktails the life of the party

This time of year, homes across the country are bustling with friends and family celebrating the holidays with festive foods and drinks. Dairy products like butter, milk, cheese and cream are standard ingredients in celebratory dishes, but one area where dairy can play a starring role is often overlooked - the cocktail glass.