Innovation is key to America's breadbasket

The holiday season is a good time to recognize the important contribution of America's farmers to our quality of life. Agriculture is a tough business. Yet according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, America's 2 million farms are the world's most productive, not only feeding our nation, but providing crucial grains and foodstuffs to help feed other people around the world.

Delight friends with unique eats this holiday

The holidays are a magical time to celebrate with family and friends. Whether it's the first snowfall or a gift from a loved one, the season inspires us to celebrate and be merry. It's also a time when holiday hosts and hostesses are eager for entertaining inspiration.

Pair gourmet wines with your holiday meals

Nothing sets the ambiance of a delicious holiday dinner better than gourmet wines. No holiday meal is complete without a complementary beverage to set off the rich, savory flavors of the main entree and side dishes. Top off your holiday spread with...

Quick tips for pulling together a holiday potluck

When your holiday-dinner guest list keeps growing year after year, it may be time to share the cooking. A potluck is a great way to share the load, and with just a little advance planning you can avoid ending up with 12 green bean casseroles on the dinner table.

Delicious uses for holiday leftovers

Every year, we face the same question after large holiday dinners: What to do with all the leftovers? Here are some simple yet unique ideas that will have you enjoying leftovers after every holiday celebration.

Simple steps to effortless entertaining

Whether you're a hosting aficionado or a novice entertainer, planning a party at home can carry a certain level of stress. Sometimes, despite all the cleaning, cooking and decorating we do to prepare, it's the easily overlooked little things that can cause the biggest unwelcome surprises.