Guidance, help and hope for those living with chronic pain

It's the health challenge that affects nearly a third of American adults - more than heart disease, diabetes and cancer combined, according to a recent report. It costs society between $560 billion and $635 billion in medical bills and lost productivity every year. You or someone you love may be directly affected. What is this phantom epidemic? Untreated or under-treated chronic pain.

Advanced breast cancer community advocates for more support

A breast cancer diagnosis at any stage can be devastating. However, women with advanced breast cancer are also faced with the overwhelming reality that they must begin additional therapy, or that they will receive treatment for the remainder of their lives. Now supporters and advocates can add their voices with people living with advanced breast cancer in support of the disease.

Focusing on diabetes in the older adult population

In the U.S., there are nearly 26 million people living with diabetes and more seniors have diabetes than any other age group - 10.9 million, or 26.9 percent, of all people age 65 and older. Here is some information you need to know to help reduce your risk of developing diabetes, or to better manage it if you do have it.

Wondering if you took your pills? Simplified prescription packaging can help

"Drugs do not work in patients who do not take them," said former U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop. This simple statement points to one of largest and most serious health problems in the United States. Data suggests that roughly half of the 3 billion prescriptions filled each year in America are not taken correctly resulting in increased hospitalizations and admissions to nursing homes, and billions of dollars in avoidable health care costs. The solution? Better packaging.

How to avoid getting sick before and during your travels

You research what museums and restaurants you want to visit, plan everything you're going to pack, and count down the days until you leave. Anticipating a vacation is exciting - unless you suddenly get sick. Falling ill before or during your trip can derail the fun quickly, and that's why it's so important to add a few steps to your pre-vacation checklist that can help you stay healthy.

Diabetic nerve pain is different than a muscle ache or sprained ankle

One of the most common complications of diabetes is diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN), a form of nerve damage. More than one in five people with diabetes experiences painful DPN, also known as diabetic nerve pain, as a direct result of this nerve damage. But despite its prevalence, there are many people who go untreated and do not realize the pain they are feeling is related to their diabetes.

Five things you may not know about hearing aids

Hearing aids - those two words alone may conjure up images of unattractive, beige devices that your father or grandmother once wore before finally throwing them in a drawer, never to be seen again. And who could blame them? In the past, hearing aids were big, bulky and fragile - incapable of getting wet or dirty. But hearing aids have come a very long way.

Chronic pain sufferers urged to seek safe relief from pain physicians

When a person is in pain, he or she will seek options to attempt to reduce the pain or make it go away entirely. For minor pains like headaches, muscle aches and small wounds, often over-the-counter drugs can help reduce the suffering. But people with chronic pain may have to search for other solutions. A pain physician, like an anesthesiologist, is a patient's best solution provider for treating chronic pain conditions.