Express your love with tech this Valentine's Day

Whether it's an excited high-five, a sympathetic squeeze of the shoulder or holding hands while on a date, touch has always been a way for humans to express affection. Now, with advances in today's technology, we are also using touch to interact with the devices that keep us connected to the ones we love.

Are you sharing your computer data with the world?

When you're in the middle of conversations with strangers, you probably don't randomly shout out your salary figure, passwords for your bank accounts, or your Social Security number. So, if you tend to keep this information private in your conversations with strangers, why would you leave all the information available on your computer for strangers to potentially steal?

Run a deep clean on your PC to keep it running smoothly

Your PC is your lifeline. You use it for email, business, finances, online shopping and social media. It has a prominent space in your kitchen, is always running and several of the letters on your keyboard have worn away from the frequent typing. You may have noticed your computer doesn't start up as quickly as it used to, or maybe it takes a while to save documents, or even just download items off the Internet.

How to secure your computer against online theft and vandalism

When you shop online, you make certain you're using secure shopping sites that start with https:// and have a picture of a padlock on the page. You also are very careful to not post personal information on social websites, or to save your passwords in a document on a public computer. So why would you leave your PC open for any hacker or virus developer to infiltrate it via the downloads you make?