Bees cover man’s entire body for honey sales

A Chinese beekeeper let 460,000 bees cover his body last week just to sell more of his honey.

According to NBC News, 34-year-old She Ping stood still for 40 minutes while he was covered in the bees.

And it isn’t the first time he’s done this.

“I first did this at 22, just for fun and out of curiosity,” Ping told the Chongqing Evening Post, according to ABC news. “Later on, I would put on the bees just for the sake of making people believe I sell actual real honey.”

For the feat, Ping wore pants, but was unclothed from the waist up as the bees swarmed onto his body.

According to NBC news, queen bees were used to attract the rest of the bees, and his assistants used cigarettes and burning incense to help keep the bees away from his face.

“The bees are usually attracted onto the body by trapping and attaching the queen bee somewhere to the body,” Dr. Norman Gary, a former self-described “bee wrangler” and bee research scientist, told ABC News. “The displaced worker bees home in on the queen’s pheromones and quickly swarm around the person.”

Ping was stung more than 20 times after the 40-minute challenge, according to The Guardian.

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