In Case You Missed It: Man crashes through golf shop ceiling

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Ryan and Billy, a new golf comedy duo.

Well, the unintentional comedy duo.

You see, Ryan was doing a little work in the shop’s attic just before the new year while Billy was holding down the shop at Baneberry Golf and Resort in Eastern Tennessee. According to, Ryan was searching for the wires to the surveillance camera that ultimately captured this Internet gold.

Everything seemed pretty normal (the calm before the storm), when Ryan came crashing through the ceiling and onto the golf shop floor.


Then we get this way-too-casual conversation:

“Hey Ryan.”

“Hey Billy… That hurt.”

“Alright. Don’t move a muscle. Don’t move. Don’t move.”

As it turned out Billy didn’t care so much about Ryan’s well being, as much as he was anxious to snap a photo. He even had Ryan reposition himself back onto the floor where he came crashing down.

Trevor Tam of Warrior Custom Golf, which owns Baneberry Golf and Resort, told that Ryan wasn’t hurt and they’ve since been “able to see the comedy of it all.”

Now to set some tour dates.

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