In Case You Missed It: When football and church collide

Playoff football or eternal salvation?

A tough choice for Pastor Tim, but a choice nonetheless. Or is it?

Pastor Tim Christensen of Gold Hill Lutheran Church in Butte, Mont. is a huge San Francisco 49ers fan, but their playoff game against the Carolina Panthers conflicted with his 11 a.m. service. So rather than skip out on one or the other, he did what any man of God would do.

He saved his congregation, presented them with an all-you-can eat offering of bread and wine and sent them on their way with a message of peace and love. All in under a minute.

Priority No. 1. Check.

He then kissed his biceps, Colin Kaepernick-style, split his robe open to reveal a 49ers t-shirt and hollered, “I’m outta here” as he walked out of camera shot.

Priority No. 1A. Check.

Pastor Tim must have done something right. The 49ers knocked off the Panthers in Charlotte, N.C., to move on to the NFC Championship game against the Seattle Seahawks.

Well, it turns out Pastor Tim did do something right. A parish secretary told it was all a big joke. His congregation knows how big of a 49ers fan he is. And Pastor Tim confirmed to For the Win that he held a full service after his shenanigans.

I wonder what Pastor Tim’s got up his sleeve — er, under that robe — for the Seattle game.

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