CAT plays Jenga-like game in new ad

In its new “Built For It” ad, CAT decided to play a kid’s game in a man’s world — a Jenga-like game that they call Stack.

And of course they used their construction equipment to carry out the task.

It was the largest board game ever played with the construction equipment, according to CAT.

Excavators and telehandlers were among the equipment used in the ad, and the game plays out just like you would expect it to.

The video sucks you in immediately, and makes you want to watch to the end just to see what happens.

It ends with the words, “Designed to get it done. No matter what ‘it’ is.”

The 27 blocks of wood used in the Jenga-like game weighed 600 pounds each.

Each piece of wood was covered with shuffleboard wax, according to Time, which made them easily slide around as the construction equipment played the “stack” game.

The description on the YouTube video reads, “When we play blocks, we play BIG.”

Well played, CAT.

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