If your name’s on this list, you’re a gold digger, survey says

Women named Jennifer are more likely to be gold diggers, according to a survey by DirtSearch.org that everyone should probably just ignore.

Employees of the background check service looked through their data to find the most-searched female names on the site that had petty crime records. They then concluded that petty crime records are somehow tied to gold diggers and named the top 10 names most likely to be dating and marrying for money:

1. Jennifer

2. Jessica

3. Michelle

4. Lisa

5. Ashley

6. Amanda

7. Melissa

8. Stephanie

9. Nicole

10. Angela

As Time pointed out, the list overlaps pretty nicely with the 10 most popular US names for people born in 1985 (and probably anytime in the mid- to late-eighties). So the reason for the prevalence of these names among DirtSearch’s records is more likely because the people who are dating and marrying right now were probably born in the eighties.

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