Man in ‘bad mood’ stops would-be robber

Don’t mess with a man in a “bad mood.”

A man in south London was given a police bravery award after taking down a would-be bank robber.

“I was in a bad mood. I’d been dashing around all morning like a headless chicken trying to get the checks and money together to pay the bills,” James Rowley, 34, told The Telegraph. “When I saw him enter the bank waving the gun around, making demands, I just acted on instinct. I thought that the gun wasn’t real and therefore I knew I had to act.”

The man remained standing after the robber entered and Rowley berated him until he left, Rowley chasing behind. He tackled the man and waited for the police to arrive.

According to Telegraph, the robber, Andrew Fernandez, was given a life sentence after being charged with “attempting to rob a bank with an imitation handgun.”

Rowley added, “He got me on the wrong day.”

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