ESPN debuts new SportsCenter studio with Parkour

Have you seen ESPN’s new SportsCenter studio?

The sports network debuted all the new bells and whistles Sunday night, but apparently one production assistant forgot, or more likely wasn’t told.

ESPN released a promotional video for the new set featuring the unsuspecting production assistant, who enters an abandonded old studio, then spots a sign that SportsCenter has moved and they need the highlight reel asap.

So, realizing he has the highlight reel on a flash drive in his pocket, the assistant takes off running across ESPN’s Bristol, Conn., campus, flipping, diving, jumping and spinning his way to the new set.

The assistant goes all parkour on the campus.

Well, that assistant happens to be Parkour legend Ronnie Shalvis, whom ESPN anchor Steve Levy jokingly accuses of not knowing how to use email.

Well, obviously not, because be didn’t even get the new studio memo.

Oh, and check out the UConn cameo.

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