Goat gets piggyback ride from cyclist

It seems with so much random video available at our fingertips nowadays, it is hard to find something that can still catch us off guard.

Then we come across a goat riding a man riding a bike. And no, that is not an exaggeration.

The man is riding his bike through Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, with a goat riding piggyback.

The goat, which looks like one of those fluffy animal backpacks, doesn’t seem to be fazed at all by the arrangement. It makes one wonder if they’ve done this before.

Bezaye Tesfaye and Eyob Tegegn came across the cycling duo as they drove through the capital city.

Nuno Sá, who uploaded the video for Tesfaye and Tegegn, told the Daily News that they weren’t able to speak to the man, or the goat, but seemed pretty entertained by the sight.

Don’t judge. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

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