GoPro-clad ‘White Shirt’ takes us on fighter jet inspection

GoPro cameras are taking us everywhere and letting us live vicariously through others.

Now, we get to live through a final check of a Navy fighter jet before it launches from the USS George H. W. Bush, which is currently in the Persian Gulf as the violence in Iraq continues to escalate.

A “white shirt” on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier walks us through the final exterior checks on a VFA-87 F/A- 18C Hornet before a catapult launch.

The flight deck inspectors must give a thumbs up before the launch.

Maybe you remember these unsung heroes from “Top Gun,” even though Iceman and Maverick were stealing the show with lines like, “I feel the need … the need for speed!”

You’ll also catch a glimpse of an “AMAN N. K. French, Las Vegas, NV” etched on the plane.

AMAN is the designator for a Navy aviation mechanic airman, who “maintains the wings, control surfaces, tail and fuselage,” according to retired Navy pilot Rod Carlone.

Airman French, who is from Las Vegas, earned a “recognition of achievement” to get his name the door.

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