Man defies logic, successfully puts on pants with no hands

If there was one thing that put every man on the same playing field, it was that they all put their pants on one leg at a time.

Until now.

A Chinese comedian named Xiao Zhiwei just shattered the notion that men are created equal by successfully clothing his lower half with no hands.

He starts by slipping each foot into the proper pant hole, then shimmies, thrusts, lunges and twists as his pants scoot up his legs, over his rear end and eventually around his waist.

Not only is this extremely impressive — one commenter stated, “We can stop now. There’s nothing greater than this that man can achieve.” — it is also uber dramatic (thanks to Europe’s “The Final Countdown” as the soundtrack).

And to top it off … he did it with skinny jeans.

He’s immediately achieved hero status.

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