Mountain bikers mistakenly ride into ‘bizarre’ rave party

Out for a “quiet sunshine ride” on Sunday, two mountain bikers instead quickly found themselves weaving through hundreds of rave-goers.

Tim Fry and his buddy Rich were riding through Devil’s Dyke, a well-known “beauty spot” in England’s South Downs National Park, when they were surprised by a bunch of cars, a bunch of people and loud, thumping music.

More than 2,000 people, 400 vehicles and at least seven sound systems had turned up for an illegal dance that lasted most of the weekend.

One nearby resident told The Telegraph, “The bass just thump-thumps away and it never seems to change one bit.”

Yep, that sounds like a rave.

Police were called in, but, according to BBC, didn’t shut the illegal party down because of “darkness, rain, the numbers present and the officers available.”

According to police, all the party-goers were gone by Monday morning except for one car, which had broken down.

Back to Fry, who described the whole thing as “bizarre” and “just plain surreal,” probably summed it up best when he commented to his friend — through his laughter — “That can’t be official.”

Good call, Tim. Good call.

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WARNING: Video contains strong language.