Video shows men free climb the Shanghai Tower

Two Russian daredevils scaled the Shanghai Tower, and the video is insane.

But fair warning, if heights aren’t your thing or you have vertigo issues, this video isn’t for you.

The five-minute YouTube video starts off showing the pair of climbers getting ready and approaching the tower. 45 seconds in, the climbers enter the under-construction area and their adrenaline journey begins, climbing up the tower stairs and out onto the crane.

The two admitted to picking the Chinese New Year to attempt the climb because security was pretty lax and “the entire country was resting.” But before they could even begin their ascent up the crane they had to spend 18 hours on top of the building sleeping and waiting for the weather to improve.

Two hours and 2,132 feet later, the pair reaches the top and in celebration one stands straight up on the crane — not holding on to anything — and takes a look over the city.

Mind you, these two have no ropes and no climbing gear. One of them doesn’t even wear gloves.

The two then high-five like this is somewhat routine.

It’s not routine.

And this isn’t the first time the pair has made headlines.

According to CNN, the men are the same daredevils who scaled the Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt and drew criticism for disrespecting the ancient monuments.

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