Mom turns herself into human speed bump to save kids in rolling car

A Massachusetts mom risked her life earlier this month by diving under her car and acting as a human speed bump to save her kids from injury.

Mindy Tran told WCVB her 2-year-old twins were in her car when she got out to lock the front door. The car wasn’t in park and started to roll backward down the steep driveway toward the busy street below.

Tran threw herself under the car, slowing it down enough for a neighbor to jump in and stop it. Firefighters freed Tran from beneath the vehicle and she was airlifted to a local hospital with a broken leg and dislocated shoulder and hip.

She said she’s been in and out of hospitals since the March 6 incident and has another surgery Wednesday. The family had moved into their new apartment days before the accident after having lived in a shelter.

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