One-armed man fined for having one hand brake

German law says that you need two operating hand brakes on a bike to ride it on the street. Tell that to the man with one arm.

A theater employee in Cologne, Germany was slapped with a 25 euro ($34) fine in March when an officer noticed his bike only had one hand brake.

The cyclist, Bogdan Ionescu, had modified his bike to make it safer for him to ride using only one hand, according to The Telegraph.

Now, three months later, after European media picked up his complaint, the police gave him a public apology and reimbursed his fine.

The Local reported that Ionescu said that the incident had been weighing on him over the past weeks and that he felt frustrated and believed he had been discriminated against.

“It’s great news, I’m really happy,” Ionescu told the Kölner Stad-Anzeiger, a German newspaper, after the apology.