The 10 most overlooked cities in So. Nevada

On Sunday, Reno Gazette-Journal scribe Chris Murray penned a list of what he called the 10 best cities in Nevada. It was, as one might expect, heavily oriented toward Northern Nevada towns, with Reno coming in at No. 3. But Murray didn’t ignore Southern Nevada, however: He very generously listed Las Vegas at No. 5 and “Summerlin South” at No. 6.

Unfortunately, being a Renoite (Renoian? Renoish? Renoesque?), Murray missed a number of Southern Nevada cities that should have been included on his list. Ever helpful, here’s a quick rundown:

10. Summerlin North: Unlike Summerlin South, Summerlin North has lots of winding, whimsically named streets with homes that all look pretty much the same, so it’s easy to get lost. My advice: Drive around and keep pressing your garage-door opener until one opens. That’s probably your house.

9. Scotch 80s: This city is one of the oldest in Nevada, and was named for Jeremiah Scotch, inventor of Scotch tape. He was, like, 80 when he founded the place.

8. Las Vegas County Club: This city was settled in the late 1800s, and some of its original pioneers are still there, thanks to anti-aging metaphasic radiation emanating from the lavishly maintained golf course. Visit the restaurant and try the club sandwich. It’s good.

7. Southern Highlands: This is one of the newest cities in Southern Nevada, and also one of the nicest. There are golf courses, nice houses, hideaway restaurants in Strip malls, parks — OK, well, maybe not parks, but all that other stuff I said.

6. Centennial Heights: This city was named in a contest held by former Las Vegas Councilman Michael Mack, and remains the most significant accomplishment of his years in office.

5. Aliante: This city sprang up nearly overnight around a big Station Casino property. There is a park nearby with ducks.

4. Downtown: This city has undergone a serious renaissance in recent years, with new bars, restaurants, bars, tech hubs, bars, a grocery store, bars, high-rise residential properties, bars, shopping hubs, and bars.

3. Sun City: This city is home to lots of old people, who tend to drive big V-8 Cadillacs and electric golf carts at the exact same speed, both with the left blinker on continuously. But the restaurants are clear by 6 p.m.!

2. Anthem: This wealthy city features many big, custom homes, clustered around a nice golf course with sweeping views of the valley. And there’s a Vons!

1. Green Valley: This master-planned city combines the small-town feel of a small town with big-city amenities, such as Chili’s.