10 problems you have during a Las Vegas summer

The word summer for most people in the United States means the months of June, July and August where going to the beach, having a barbeque or laying out in the warm sun are top priorities.

For Las Vegas, the word summer means late April until early October where we have to suffer life-threatening, triple-digit temperatures until we hit that “cool” week of mid-90s.

The excuse is, “at least it’s a dry heat!”

To which many will respond, “yes, a dry heat. Just like an oven.”

The heat causes all sorts of problems for Las Vegans that the winter, or even those two weeks we call autumn, does not. Here are a few, and if you’re still in the mood to complain, check out these 13 things Las Vegans love.

You can’t wash your car

Locals seem to forget that the summer is monsoon season for the U.S. For us, that means short, raging storms and flash floods. ‘Tis the season where you finally have time to get your car washed or leisurely spend the time washing it yourself (with a responsible amount of water) on a bright, sunny day only to see storm clouds moving in that afternoon.

General car problems

Car batteries fail more in summer than any other season, tires are more susceptible to popping or going flat, engines overheat, the air goes out, the list goes on.

Burning yourself when you get into your car

This is big and special enough to be its own separate category. Open your car door and your hand gets burned. Sit down in your car and your backside gets burned. Put your seatbelt on and your chest gets burned. Put your car in gear and you hand burns again. By the time you get to your steering wheel, your skin feels like it’s melting off of your hands.

Planning your daily activities around the heat

Most plans in the summer get postponed until after dark, when it finally cools off. For those 9-to-5ers, that’s not a possibility. Might as well just stay indoors at all hours.

But, day pools!

Yes, for Las Vegas, it’s day pool season. Nothing beats hanging out poolside on top of a hotel with a cool drink in your hand. The heat turns those roofs into lava for your feet, and frozen alcoholic drinks are a one way ticket to dehydration. Relax with caution.

You can’t stand on your fake grass because it’s too hot

Because, face it, rocks don’t make for a pretty yard and real grass is impossible.

Grocery shopping requires some extra steps

Even if you’re running to the store for five minutes, in that time your car will go from the 85 degrees your air conditioning kept it at to levels unsafe for human, animal or plant life. After the milk and popsicles are loaded in the trunk, it’s a race to get home. Many shoppers will even keep coolers in their car to prepare for this, and some local markets offer courtesy ice — bags of ice placed on top of cold groceries for free.

Electricity bills go through the roof

Although NV Energy has many suggestions on how to keep those bills down during hot months, many sacrifice money for comfort during a Las Vegas summer. If you have pets, your bills will be even higher because you have to leave the air conditioning on at all hours.

Speaking of pets, changing your dog’s schedule

In the winter, you can walk that pooch any time of day. Through spring, you may make a routine of taking Spot out for an after-work walk. Well, Spot likes his paws and even though they’re tough, they can’t handle 100-degree asphalt. In summer, it’s better to walk to dog either before dawn or late at night.

Last but not least, listening to other people complain about the heat

This needs no explanation, we all know.

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