8 reasons Las Vegas says it likes In-N-Out more than 5 Guys

Ask any fan of a fast-food burger to choose between In-N-Out and Five Guys Burgers & Fries and you’re likely to surface some strong feelings on which burger joint is preferable. That’s exactly what happened to us. We conducted a highly unscientific poll on Facebook to find out which place Las Vegas (at least, those of you who like us on Facebook) prefers. Here were the main points of contention:

The burgers

First, the most obvious. In-N-Out burgers are known for their simplicity. You get a few classic toppings and can go Animal Style if you’re feeling particularly wild that day. Five Guys has about a billion ways you can customize your burger, though. Of the people we asked who felt conflicted, most chose In-n-Out for its burgers alone.


Animal-style fries — with melted cheese, extra spread and grilled onions — reigned supreme among In-N-Out fans, with one fan saying they “taste like heaven.” But the Cajun-seasoned fries boosted Five Guys over the edge in this category.


Five Guys wins point blank if you’re looking for a burger establishment that also offers free peanuts. But commenters with peanut allergies noted that this, along with Five Guys cooking with peanut oil, is precisely why In-N-Out wins for them.


You can get a meal at In-N-Out for around $5. Five Guys will run you closer to $10, and that was enough to knock it down below In-N-Out for dozens of our commenters.


In-N-Out has your standard Coke products (at least they don’t have Pepsi). Five Guys won hands down in this category because it has the Ferrari soda machines, though. Want an orange-flavored Diet Dr Pepper? Five Guys has you covered.


In-N-Out has had the same menu since 1948, when the restaurant was founded: three types of burgers, french fries, soda and three flavors of milkshakes. Five Guys’ menu has the variety you’re used to seeing at restaurants. As one commenter said, though, “when you haven’t had to change the menu, that says it all.”

They can’t be compared

Some commenters refused to make a choice, because the restaurant offerings are too different to be compared. In-N-Out styles itself as an American classic, while Five Guys goes for the gourmet burger label.

“This is like comparing a Fiji apple to a Granny Smith, or a navel orange to a clementine,” one commenter said. “Both are great; it just depends on what you are looking for.”


Some people refused to choose because they don’t like either chain, or prefer a home-grilled burger. Of 757 people, only 16 said they preferred a home-grilled burger or nothing at all. Another 67 brought up other burger establishments (Smashburger was the most popular with 14 votes). Ultimately, In-N-Out came out on top of Five Guys, 486-178. That’s nearly three-quarters of commenters who chose between the two.

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