‘Experts’ list Las Vegas as No. 10 disappointing destination

The “travel experts” at SmarterTravel compiled a list this week of the 10 most disappointing vacation destinations in the world, and Las Vegas landed at No. 10.

SmarterTravel didn’t offer any criteria for how the destinations on the list were chosen, but places like Nassau, Bahamas; Gibraltar; and Walt Disney World in Florida were included on the list.

Author Caroline Morse had an ax to grind about the Entertainment Capital of the World:

“Is there any place more depressing than the inside of a casino at three in the morning? Fluorescent lights, a thick haze of cigarette smoke, and the stink of desperation don’t really add up to a dream vacation,” Morse wrote. “Whether you’re losing your money by gambling it away, paying for obscene amounts of food at a buffet, or dropping it on overpriced show tickets, you’re pretty much guaranteed to walk away from Vegas poorer than when you arrived.”

Many of the comments on the post disagreed with the destinations chosen for the list, including Las Vegas.

“Considering that Disney World is the #1 tourist destination in the United States and that Las Vegas probably provides the best value for your vacation dollar in the United States (and has become one of the culinary and entertainment capitals of the world), it’s obvious that “Smarter Travel” is not smart, nor do they know about travel,” one commenter wrote.

Others pointed out that despite what you see in the movies, Las Vegas isn’t all about gambling and clubbing.

“People need to stop stereotyping Las Vegas… We have so much to offer than just casinos, she did not do her homework!” another commenter wrote.

Of course, Morse did have at least one comrade-in-arms. One commenter wrote that “Las Vegas is going to cry the most about this article because the city has nothing else to offer except luring tourists to come into town to: 1) lose money 2) overpay for dining 3) get long-hauled by cabbies and 4) get harassed by “street performers” dressed up in cheap costumes as tourists attempt to walk along the Strip.”

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