Here’s what Nevada Googles more than any other state

Nevada: Come for some shallow fun, stay for the ‘80s hair bands and tattoo removal services.

At least, that’s if you look at the state based on its population’s most unique Google searches.

Seattle-based real estate site Estately analyzed 10 years’ worth of Google Trends queries to find out which words and phrases are searched for more often in one state than in any other.

The results aren’t each states’ most searched-for terms, which tend to be similar across the nation and include things like “Craigslist,” “Facebook” and “how to.” They’re the most popular terms that each state searches more often than any other state.

So, how did Nevada stack up? Here are the top 10:

  • Bitcoin
  • Breast Implants
  • Gamblers Anonymous
  • Great White (band)
  • Guy Fieri (TV chef)
  • Online Poker
  • Quiet Riot (band)
  • Tattoo Removal

“The shallow hedonism that was the 1980s is alive and well in Nevada,” the Estately post said, noting that “tattoo removal” was top for Nevada.

Other states had some interesting (and even more unexplainable) results, as well. Apparently Californians are confused about what Siri looks like despite sharing a home state with the Apple creation. West Virginians are worried about their infected piercings but not enough to stop getting them, and Indianans have a lot of rashes. Utahns, meanwhile, are into some geeky stuff but still find themselves asking, “What is the Internet?”

You can see the most unique searches for each state on the map above. the rest can be found here.

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