Las Vegas weighs in: Does ‘Coke or Pepsi’ affect where you eat?

It’s been called the greatest corporate rivalry of all time, topping even Nike-Reebok and Ford-Chevy: Coke and Pepsi’s battle for the hearts — and wallets — of consumers worldwide.

Coke remains the top soda in America, according to a new report by Beverage Digest. Diet Coke, Pepsi, Mountain Dew and Dr Pepper round out the top five. It got us thinking: How did Mountain Dew make the top five, and does the Coke versus Pepsi battle really impact our daily lives? Or is it a fabrication of a few bored marketing executives?

We took the question to Facebook, and a few hours later had hundreds of comments, most vociferously defending their soda of choice. One thing is certain: Among our Facebook fans, Coke is king. Here are six things we learned from the comments:

Soda choice is an indulgence

Some commenters mentioned they’ll drive across town to find a movie theater with Coke products, or go out of their way to avoid places that don’t serve their drink of choice.

“(I prefer) Coke and yes, I’ve left a restaurant when they don’t serve it. Coke is a treat for me. Just like a dessert, I spend my calories carefully,” Patty Till said.

Rum and Pepsi is not a thing

Who’s ever heard of a Bacardi and Pepsi? Or a Jack and Pepsi? No one, according to our commenters. Rum and whiskey were made to be mixed with Coke. Even Sprite has its companion in orange juice (or any fruity drink). The few commenters who preferred Pepsi didn’t offer any suggestions of their own.

No, Pepsi is not OK

“I always laugh when a waiter or waitress asks if Pepsi is OK … I always want to quote that comedian and ask if Canadian money is OK,” Chip Gonzales told us.

Another old standby brought up in the comments? “Is Pepsi OK? Is monopoly money OK?

There’s nothing more disappointing than thinking you’re getting one and getting the other

We’ll let Claudia Holmes explain: “I was in a restaurant and ordered a Jack & Coke. When I took a sip, it was awful! I told the server that they’d brought me the wrong drink. He said, “No … that’s your Jack & Coke. I asked if they served Pepsi and he said yes. I handed him my glass and told him that if I order prime rib, don’t bring me a chicken.”

Where is Option C?

Diet Mountain Dew, Diet Dr Pepper, Fanta, Sprite and even Tab made the comments as sodas readers crave. Yes, that Tab. It’s not all about Coke and Pepsi, it turns out.

How about None of the Above?

Most commenters liked Coke and a few favored Pepsi. Somewhere in between fell those who don’t drink soda at all and prefer water or iced tea when they go out to eat.

Do their opinions matter, though? Coke and Pepsi think so. That’s why both brands have water and tea products, including Coke’s Dasani and Pepsi’s Brisk Iced Tea.

Are you a Coke or a Pepsi person? Does it impact where you spend your money? Let us know in the comments.

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