Man asks for vacation time, gets free trip to Las Vegas

A security guard who works the night shift in the United Kingdom just wanted some time off work, but got much more — including a trip to Las Vegas — due to an email that was forwarded unintentionally.

According to Metro, the security guard at Arcadia, Greg Heaslip, simply emailed his boss for some time off before his shift ended on Thursday and then went home to sleep.

But his boss accidentally forwarded the email to 3,500 employees, who then jumped in to back Heaslip’s request for some vacation.

While he was sleeping, the hashtag #givegregtheholiday took off on social media.

According to BBC News, Heaslip’s coworker Kimberly Jaina was the first to take the hashtag to Twitter. “#GIVEGREGTHEHOLIDAY #ARCADIA,” Jaina tweeted.

And then the news of the hashtag started spreading through the office.

“@BHS_UK mayhem in the office #givegregtheholiday,” Twitter user Nicolette Morgan (@nicomorgan90) tweeted.

Companies started offering him free stuff — T-shirts, hair gel, a cat magazine subscription and even a trip to Las Vegas courtesy of TrekAmerica.

“We’re taking action and have decided to #givegregtheholiday. A TrekAmerica mini adventure with flights to Vegas. #GregGotTheHoliday!” the London-based travel company tweeted.

“When we saw the story on Twitter, we knew we had to help Greg,” TrekAmerica told Metro. “Everyone knows the sinking feeling when you make a social blunder. After the day we imagine Greg has had, we thought he deserved a break.”

A spokesman for Arcadia told Metro that Heaslip’s vacation request was approved. “His holiday had actually already been approved — so your readers can relax, Greg will be getting a holiday.”

We’ll see you in Vegas, Greg.

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