Nevada is among the most loathed states to live in

The Silver State doesn’t rank highly when it comes to places where people are excited to live.

A new Gallup poll puts Nevada at 10th in the nation (tied with South Carolina, New Mexico and Alabama) for the percentage of residents who think their state is the worst possible state to live in.

Seven percent of Nevadans think Nevada is the worst. Illinois had the highest rate of state-haters in the nation, at 25 percent, followed by Rhode Island and Connecticut at 17 percent each.

Gallup cites Illinois’ history of scandals and high-profile investigations and resignations as a probable reason for its residents’ perception of the state.

Here are the top 10 worst rankings:

  • Illinois: 25%
  • Rhode Island: 17%
  • Connecticut: 17%
  • Mississippi: 15%
  • Louisiana: 13%
  • New York: 12%
  • New Jersey: 10%
  • Maryland: 9%
  • Michigan: 9%
  • Nevada: 7%
  • Alabama: 7%
  • South Carolina: 7%

Nevada also didn’t rank highly among states where residents believe they are living in the best or one of the best states. Only 33 percent of Nevadans feel that way about the Silver State, 12th-lowest in the nation.

People in Montana and Alaska have the most positive view of their state, with 77 percent of people in each state saying theirs is among the best. Here are the rest of the best-ranked states:

  • Montana: 77%
  • Alaska: 77%
  • Utah: 70%
  • Wyoming: 69%
  • Texas: 68%
  • Hawaii: 68%
  • New Hampshire: 67%
  • North Dakota: 66%
  • Colorado: 65%
  • Vermont: 61%
  • Oregon: 61%
  • Minnesota: 61%

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