Watch a drone deliver a pizza to an Indian skyscraper

Usually when you hear about drones being used to deliver dinner, it ends up being too good to be true (Tacocopter or Burrito Bomber, anyone?). But an Italian restaurant in Mumbai isn’t kidding when it says it’s delivered pizza via drone, and it has video to prove it.

Francesco’s Pizzeria flew a pizza from it’s Lower Parel location to a customer hanging out on the roof of a skyscraper about a mile away.

A video posted to YouTube on Wednesday shows the pizza being made and attached to a tiny drone with four propellers, which then carries it above some kids playing cricket, along the Arabian Sea front and through skyscrapers to the rooftop.

Mikhel Rajani, the pizzeria’s chief executive, told the Telegraph the 10-minute delivery would normally have taken half an hour to complete and that he expects drones to be in use for food delivery within the next few years.

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