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Henderson catering business to mark anniversary in August

Henderson-based catering company Masterpiece Cuisine Catering is celebrating its five-year anniversary in August.

The business has operated at 303 S. Water St. since September 2011.

Tim Welc and Scott Mahan, managing partners, met while working at Treasure Island. Welc worked in special events while Mahan was in the sales department.

In 2007, Welc asked Mahan if he wanted to go into the catering business with him.

"Up until that point, I didn't know Tim could even cook," Mahan said.

Welc had in fact been in the food industry for 30 years and wanted to open a company that would offer full-service catering and planning for any event from weddings to corporate functions.

"I wanted the company to focus on fresh foods but (keep) the prices low," Welc said.

Welc added that the idea is for people to have quality catering that seems high-end at a fraction of the cost.

Welc thought Mahan would be a good partner because of his business degree and background in sales.

Using Welc's kitchen as their base, the duo began catering under the name Masterpiece Cuisine.

The first event Mahan and Welc did was for the Henderson Chamber of Commerce.

"We went above and beyond to showcase what we were able to do," Welc said.

Since then, Welc said, the chamber has continued using their services to cater events and group functions such as Leadership Henderson, a nonprofit under the chamber.

When the company went through tough economic times, Mahan said they made strides to adjust to the culture.

"We adapted by creating a division called Gourmet Express," Welc said.

Gourmet Express, a feature the company still offers, is a drop-off service that allows them to deliver and set up the selections before an event.

"We just set it up and leave," Mahan said. "We don't have to pay staff, and it's cheaper. It helped us get through the hard times."

Mahan said they plan to add Cafe Express, which would focus on breakfast and lunch.

Since its creation, the company has grown from a two-person operation to a staff of 12 full-time employees.

When the company has multiple events in one day, it contracts out additional help. Mahan said they average about 30 events a month.

"That's a good thing," Mahan said. "It keeps us busy."

Mahan said the company caters holiday events, weddings, mixers, birthday parties and event openings.

"I would say it's about 40 percent corporate parties, 40 percent weddings and 20 percent mixers or birthday parties," Mahan said.

The company has done catering for Madame Tussauds and the National Museum of Organized Crime & Law Enforcement, also known as the Mob Museum.

Mahan said Masterpiece Cuisine has received accolades from bridal and wedding websites around the country. Mahan and Welc said they earned those recognitions because they will try to go above and beyond to help customers put on the best event possible.

If it is not a service Masterpiece can help with directly, Mahan and Welc can provide referrals to other companies.

Welc said the menu is constantly evolving. He said he tries to improve on even the most popular items.

Masterpiece Cuisine used to lease kitchens wherever it could find them but would always outgrow the location.

The current space on Water Street seemed to fit them perfectly, offering more storage space and cooking capacity. Mahan said the space was a former restaurant and was set up to have a larger kitchen with a smaller dining area.

"Which was ideal," Mahan said. "We were able to use the dining area as our office space."

Additionally, the space came equipped with kitchen items.

"So we got about $300,000 worth of kitchen equipment for $50,000," Mahan said. "It was the sale of a lifetime."

Welc said they have been able to get involved with other businesses through the Water Street District Business Association.

The new location has allowed the business to have more storage space, where it can house leftover food to give away to church groups that feed the homeless.

"Before we never had the ability to donate food," Mahan said. "We always wanted a way to give back."

Mahan said the company is looking to expand, potentially into the vacant space across from its current storefront.

"I am from the East Coast," Mahan said. "I would love to have a Masterpiece back there."

For more information, visit or call 463-0450.

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