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North Las Vegas company works with NV Energy to recycle old refrigerators

You wouldn't want to work harder when the temperatures are higher and the reward is lower.

Your extra refrigerator wouldn't, either.

NV Energy is offering a $50 rebate for customers to recycle their second refrigerators, which often waste energy in hot garages to maintain their temperature. In addition to the rebate, NV Energy is offering to retrieve the extra fridge or freeze free.

A North Las Vegas contractor, Jaco Environmental, 2629 E. Craig Road, then recycles 95 percent of the unit and prevents more from ending up in area landfills, said facility manager and director of operations Mason Joseph.

The savings also fall into the participant's pocketbook.

NV Energy estimates that customers can save up to $140 a year in utility bills by eliminating a second fridge or freezer.

Jaco Environmental extracts hazardous Freon and oils and other chemicals, plastics and metals.

"We break it down so it's no longer hazardous," Joseph said.

The rest of the materials are then sent to local scrap yards, he added.

The company has recycled about 60,000 units since 2003, Joseph said.

"It's not hard to picture all of that in the landfill," he said. "Every fridge recycled is also an estimated two cars off the road in energy savings."

NV Energy has given away about 7,000 rebates to customers who utilized the service with Jaco Environmental. There isn't an end date to the program.

Eligible units must be in working order and be at least 10 cubic feet in size, which is the size of a typical household refrigerator or freezer, Joseph said. Participants must own the refrigerator or freezer, and the offer is limited to two units for each address.

"Our energy efficiency programs offer simple ways for customers to save energy by upgrading or replacing air conditioners, pool pumps and refrigerators, which are appliances that have to work extra hard in the summer heat," said NV Energy project leader Douglas Eddie. "These programs make it easier for customers to invest in more efficient equipment that could save them some money on their monthly energy bill."

Joseph said the average fridge processed at Jaco Environmental is 15 years old and built with outdated refrigeration processes. Garages can reach temperatures between 150 and 160 degrees in summer months, Joseph said.

"They are old technology working 10 times harder," Joseph said. "And for what? Soda pop? Beer? Water?"

Jaco Environmental and NV Energy suggest that customers use one refrigerator per household and chill refreshments as needed.

The program includes the only free appliance pickup in Las Vegas, according to NV Energy.

For more information, visit or call 877-289-8260.

Contact Centennial and North Las Vegas View reporter Maggie Lillis at or 477-3839.