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Letter to the editor


Regarding reader Frank Culotta’s letter (“Resident requests help with smoke problems,” May 31 View):

Respectfully, Culotta’s letter lacks clarity in seeking help. To wit: He says, “My family members and attorney are instructed to charge everyone implicated in this grave personal health threat.”

1. Mr. Culotta, your implication is you have an attorney. Therefore, follow your lawyer’s counsel.

2. You don’t specify whether the outdoor grill and balcony cooking are permissible at your apartment complex. If so, neither management nor the tenants are violating your rights. Nor is any violation, law, etc., being broken wherein the fire department or police could intervene.

3. If said is banned, then your lawyer can sue. Further, you then could file a complaint with the Clark County Health Department.

4. Contact your ward councilperson and county commissioner. They will look into the matter and respond to you.

5. Contact the Senior Citizens Law Project. It provides free legal counsel and assistance to Clark County residents 60 or older: 310 S. Ninth St., 702-229-6596.

I hope this has been of some help to you, and I praise you for taking a stand for what you believe is right. One aspect I urge for you and all senior citizens (I’m also a senior citizen): Let’s vote for those who look out for our interests.

— Clyde Dinkins

Las Vegas