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Dining Pick of the Week: Dimas Tacos

Dimas Tacos

5081 N. Rainbow Blvd. at North Rancho Drive; 702-395-4546

Jennifer Horn makes tacos the only way she knows how: fresh. All ingredients are prepared daily, not just for the tacos but for everything else, including enchiladas (cheese, beef, chicken), tostadas and homemade tamales. The popular tacos are made with lengua (beef tongue), ground beef, carne asada, carnitas or fish. Finish off the taco at the salsa bar with jalapenos, seasoned raw onions and carrots. Rolled tacos come with cheese or guacamole. Among the breakfast burritos are ham, bacon, sausage, chorizo, chicken and steak — all made with eggs, cheese and pico potatoes. Other burritos are chile verde, chile relleno, California, bean and cheese, chorizo and beef. There are enchiladas (beef, chicken, cheese), tostadas, menudo Saturdays and Sundays and tortas (sandwiches) such as beef, chorizo, machaca (shredded beef), al pastor (marinated pork) and carne asada. Featured combo plates are two chicken tacos, two chicken enchiladas, bean tostada and beef taco, chimichanga plate, beef taco and three rolled tacos, and chile relleno plate. There is always an in-store daily special such as 99-cent chicken tacos. Breakfast burritos begin at $4, and sandwiches begin at $3.50. Dimas Tacos is open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.