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Literary Las Vegas: Marshal S. Willick

“There has long been a need for a reference, written in plain English, from which ordinary men and women can get answers about how the divorce process works in Nevada and what to expect,” writes attorney Marshal S. Willick.

‘M is for Monster’ may result in nightmares for younger readers

You probably wouldn’t think that an alphabet book could be for older kids but “M is for Monster” by J. Patrick Lewis, illustrated by Gerald Kelley definitely is. Small, sensitive children may run, screaming, into a bedtime full of nightmares after they see what’s inside this book. The artwork is incredible but it works its magic entirely too well for little ones.

Dining Pick of the Week: ASCAR Cafe

From ASCAR Cafe’s tongue-in-cheek name (a play off of NASCAR) to little decor touches such as a Route 66 sign, toy cars and a miniature gas pump, it’s no surprise to learn that the owner also has a car repair business.