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Granny square graffiti: yarn stormers set out to add unique color to community

Las Vegas could start seeing a whole new type of tagging. A group of women at the West Flamingo Senior Center is working to cover railings, trash cans and park benches with colorful marks of not graffiti but yarn.

The informal group of yarn stormers, which started this summer, knits or crochets 7-by-7-inch squares in any style and color. The pieces are then strung together to cover the object of their choice.

Around the globe, stormers mask buses, telephone booths and trees -- a public art installation of sorts. Those projects seem like monumental tasks for the West Flamingo Yarn Stormers, they say.

But they're up for a challenge. The group is in talks of yarn storming the bridge entry to Sunrise Hospital.

They said they hope to take on the project for International Yarn Storming Day next June and hope the Girl Scouts or other youth organizations could join in and help.

"The multi generational activities are great for building communities," said Diane Bush, a supervisor at the center who formed the group. "I think it could have a huge impact on the community."

While the senior women said they think the hospital bridge project would "brighten someone's day" in a time of need, they worry that without some help, attaching knitted squares to the pedestrian pass over Maryland Parkway would be nearly impossible.

"You're not going to see this 84-year-old body up on some bridge," Ann Little said with a laugh.

Joanne Dahl calls the bridge project "intimidating " but said she hopes others join in the effort so it can be completed.

For now, the seniors' first yarn storming project will do -- a handrail outside the center, 6255 W. Flamingo Road. The yarn spices up the drab area of the side entrance and keeps visitors from burning their hands on the scorching metal.

"The handrailing was perfect; plus, the problem of the railing being hot and people burning their hands is a real one," Bush said. "There's a great sense of pride and accomplishment."

The West Flamingo Yarn Stormers meet from noon to 3 p.m. every Wednesday. For more information, call 455-7742.

Contact Southwest/Spring Valley View reporter Jessica Fryman at or 380-4535.