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Strip headliners to help church promote spirit of giving

Community Lutheran Church plans a fundraiser March 30 to promote the efforts of the newly created initiative, the Give a Bleep! Project.

The project is based on the vision that people can give anything, whether it is money or volunteer time, to a cause they feel strongly about. The project looks to motivate people to give to others, said 33-year-old Robby Wingfield, Give a Bleep! Project founder.

“My goal is to inspire people to simply have the motivation to do something for others,” he said. “If they find the motivation within themselves to find a cause that moves them, then I have done my job. The ‘bleep’ can mean anything. It can be give a dollar, give a minute, give respect, give compassion. Just give anything.”

To promote the initiative and inspire people to give, immediately after starting the project in February, Wingfield presented the idea to people at Community Lutheran Church, 3720 E. Tropicana Ave., where he leads a youth group.

“The church is very supportive of a self-driven ministry,” he said. “It has provided us with a place to meet and a wonderful venue for a fundraising concert.”

The fundraiser, set to start at 2 p.m., will include a concert featuring Las Vegas headliners such as the Las Vegas Tenors and Richel Kompst from the cast of “Menopause the Musical,” who will donate their time to the event. The event will also host a variety of local nonprofits and provide a fair-like experience for people to learn about such organizations.

“I expect anywhere from 15 to 30 charitable organizations to be present the day of the fundraiser,” said Nicole Celentano, outreach coordinator for the Give a Bleep! Project. “The event will give these organizations an opportunity to get more exposure to a larger audience and inspire other people to participate in their endeavors.”

The event’s main beneficiaries will be Three Squarefood bank and the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth.

“It’s my birthday this month, and since I am very passionate about the issue of homelessness, I picked two causes that are dear to my heart,” Wingfield said. “These two charities are perfect to start our efforts.”

Admission is $5 cash and $5 in food donations per person. Food will be distributed to Three Square, while the money will be given to the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth. The fundraiser will encourage individuals to make monetary pledges in person or online to reach Wingfield’s $10,000 goal.

“That’s an incredible amount of support that we can allocate for our youth,” said Arash Ghafoori, Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth executive director. “We have had a 30 percent increase for our services in recent years, and funding hasn’t risen to match our need.”

Ghafoori said he applauds efforts of initiatives such as the Give a Bleep! Project because they benefit the community by connecting organizations with people.

“Given the way the economy is now, we really rely on the community to pull together to help us meet our increased demand,” he said. “The funds from the Give a Bleep! Project will help cover costs of shelter nights, bus passes, identifications and birth certificates.”

Wingfield said that in the future, he hopes the Give a Bleep! Project will host fundraisers every three months and focus its efforts on helping at least two organizations each time. However, his goal is to help people “get inspired to give, to give anything, but to give.”

“The idea for the Give a Bleep! Project is that giving should be a regular part of everybody’s life,” Celentano said. “If you can’t give money, there are lots of other ways that you can contribute. It is a social responsibility and an integral part of living a happy and prosperous life.”

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