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Pomegranate fighting bug

Pomegranate bugs can be defeated

Clean tools when pruning Canary Island date palms in Las Vegas

Canary palms are susceptible to a disease called Fusarium that can contaminate the soil in the planting hole and prevent you from planting a new one in that spot.

Now is not the time to replant Joshua tree in Las Vegas

The best time to transplant a Joshua tree is in mid- to late spring, but with this plant it could be done in summer as well. The worst times are fall and early winter months. Stay away from these months for planting a Joshua.

Roses grow well in desert climate of Southern Nevada

Q: I enjoy your column, but you never write about roses. We inherited 14-year-old bushes. The bushes are important, and they should look nice.

Leafhoppers are a nuisance on grapes in Las Vegas

Leafhoppers are very small and jump rather than fly. There can be hundreds if not thousands right about now on grapes. They cause some leaf yellowing, black specks on the leaves and fruit.

Never put your Las Vegas lawn to bed wet

Q: I read with interest your column in the Review-Journal on watering. Our small lawn seems to be dying in patches. We water four days a week for 20 minutes at 11 p.m. We regularly feed with Turf Builder Plus and Ironite. What should we do?

Dealing with Las Vegas insect invasion

Q: I took your advice and am treating pill bugs in my garden like slugs. I have drowned them with beer but they keep coming back. My neighbor is giving me his old cans of beer. I had to dig up the rhubarb plants and put them in pots. This is sure a frustrating year.