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Have a professional check your trees for problems

It’s fall. The brisk air is an indicator that winter weather is on the way, and now is the time to talk trees or, more specifically, to talk about preventive tree maintenance.

Best to apply pest control for trees is winter

The most effective pest control measures for fruit, shade or ornamental trees during 2019 will be applied this December and January. Many gardeners consider the application of oils as an “organic” method of controlling future pests. In the purest sense, it is not organic. But applications of oils during the winter reduce the need for “hard pesticides” later.

Don’t mix fabrics on similarly styled recliners

Dear Gail: My husband has always wanted a big overstuffed recliner, which is not my style at all. He’s retiring next month and has worked so hard for our family, I feel he deserves it. We went shopping and compromised on a large wingback style. I never thought I’d like a recliner, but after trying them all out, we’re getting one for me, too. We’re rearranging our room so that we can sit side by side across from the television.

Garden-style holiday wreaths

During the half-dozen years that she served as the chief floral designer at the White House during the Obama administration, Laura Dowling and her staff crafted countless wreaths.

Reality TV remodels can create unrealistic pricing expectations

“Property Brothers,” “Flip or Flop,” “Love It or List It” — the insatiable appetite for reality television home makeover shows continues. With their fresh ideas, incredible transformations and beat-the-clock plotlines, these shows are a driver for the home remodeling industry. Every year, millions of viewers, inspired by what they see on TV, move forward with their own projects.

Bar stools are not created equal

“You choose, you live the consequences. Every yes, no, maybe, creates the school you call your personal experience.” — Richard Bach , American writer, “Running From Safety” (1994)

Most fruit trees are pruned during winter months

The time of pruning varies with the fruit tree but generally most fruit trees are pruned during the winter months, beginning at leaf drop. When you have a lot of fruit trees, pruning may start early and not end until after flowering has started in spring.

Hibernate in hygge style

A soft place to land after a hard day inspires housekeeper Jira Kornivich as she carefully prepares rooms on her shift at a local hotel. After tucking in sheets and fluffing up pillows in countless rooms, the Russian-born Kornivich can’t wait to slip the key in her front door and open a world of her creation that is all about comfort.