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What’s new for Halloween decor

Sorting through the best candy for trick-or-treaters and nailing down the best costume for your little monsters don’t scratch the surface of Halloween decisions for the most ghoulish of the outdoor home decorators of the season.

When shopping for chandelier, start online for style, price ideas

Dear Gail: We’re looking to replace our foyer chandelier. We still have the builder’s original. We’re wanting something with more of an impact, as this one has always felt too small. Can you give us some guidance on size and where to start? — Roger

Faucet fix depends on method used to control water, temperature

Q: I have a kitchen faucet that is dripping from the spout, so I planned on replacing the cartridge to stop the dripping. My problem is that I took the handle off and discovered that this type of faucet doesn’t use a cartridge. Instead, it has just a metal stick poking up through the top of the faucet’s body. Can this type of mechanism be repaired or am I looking at a new faucet?