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Spring heralds time for cleaning

Spring is officially here, and already the household castoffs from your neighbor’s cleaning efforts are piling up on the sidewalk.

Pollenizer tree may not be needed to produce fruit

Q: How close do I need to plant a pollinator tree? I want to plant more fruit trees and was curious how close it needs to be? My neighbors have various fruit trees, and I am about a half mile from Gilcrease Orchard. Is this close enough to be effective, or should I plant my own?

Precise measurements required for vinyl floor installation

Q: I have a powder room, and the vinyl flooring needs to be replaced. The room is only about 6 feet by 6 feet. How do you make sure that there won’t be any gaps when installing it?

Women head to backyard ‘she sheds’ for private time

A quiet spot for mindful meditation. A place to pull pottery or fill scrapbooks. A cozy corner for binge-watching your favorite television shows. There isn’t much that can’t be done in what has been dubbed a “she shed.”

Controlling ant nests can help stymie spread of aphids

Aphids are on fruit trees, roses, winter vegetables and other landscape plants. They love cool nights but warm daytime temperatures for feeding and breeding. Their feeding causes new leaves to curl on the edges and glistening, sugary sap on leaves.

Dog furniture runs the gamut of style, price

Susie and Angie are fast approaching middle age, unmarried and still living at home, but that’s fine with me. They’ll always be precious family members.

Cooperative Extension’s master gardeners offer expert advice

With temperatures in the 80s, many local residents are already hard at work in their gardens and yards. Southern Nevada’s temperature extremes, scarcity of water and desert soils combine for a harsh growing climate.

Functionality is key to designing home office

Dear Gail: My husband and I are setting up a home office and will be sharing the room. The room is not very large so we don’t know where to start. We also want to use it as an occasional guest room, maybe four to five times a year. I know that’s asking a lot from a small room, which if why we need your help. — Mary Beth

Small pieces of baseboard will help negotiate rounded corners

Q: I am going to install some new baseboards in our house. My problem is that the corners of our walls are not at 90-degree angles. They are rounded bullnose corners, and the baseboard manufacturer does not make rounded pieces for this type of corner. I certainly can’t bend the baseboard around the corner, so how can I make the turn?

Ornamental pear, flowering plum in full bloom

Q: My husband and I just moved to Summerlin, and I am seeing pink and white blooms on trees in this area. Do you know what kind of trees these are?