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Work out in your own home

Everyone appreciates convenience, and nothing is more convenient than having an exercise room in your home: no more running outside in 110-degree heat to drive to the gym just to work up a sweat.

Intense sunlight can damage grapes

Q: I need confirmation of a problem with my grapes. A gardening Facebook group is certain my grape berries have thrip damage this year. I sent you a picture to confirm it or not.

Hard surface floors need a little cover-up

“Great is the art of beginning, but greater the art is of ending.” — Longfellow (1807–1882), American poet and professor, Elegiac Verse (1881)

Splash of color creates a lavish pool setting

“Inserting color into the exterior setting can transcend the entire ambiance of the space from sedate to sensational,” global estate developer Kassie Smith said.

Ponderosa, Meyer are not true lemons

Q: We have a 30-foot-tall lemon tree planted in late 2006. This tree produces large fruit, averaging 15 ounces to more than a pound. I consider this tree to be perpetual as it flowers fruit and maintains a crop in development at the same time. My question is, do we pick the ripe fruit or let them fall as they may?

Lawn mowers need tuneup before first use of season

Q: I pulled my lawn mower out of the garage for the first time this season and tried to start it up. The mower coughed and coughed. It wouldn’t start but I sure did get a lot of exercise pulling the cord. What can I do to get the mower to run better?

New grills allow backyard chefs to smoke, grill, bake, roast or braise

Barbecuing season is officially underway. It began Memorial Day weekend in most parts of the country. In Southern Nevada, there is no official beginning or end as locals barbecue every day of the year.

Lighting fixtures have taken on a sculptural form

Who among us hasn’t at some point suddenly stopped and gazed transfixed into a shop window, a museum or art gallery as we came face to face with some form of an artist’s vision and genius?

Garden produce attracts foraging gray rats

Q: Once again I had a fairly good crop of tomatoes this year. One problem, though, a lot of ripe tomatoes are disappearing overnight. Are gray rats known for foraging and consuming garden produce? I spotted one about a week ago going over a side wall in my yard.

Large installations of street art add personality to home space

It’s been called illicit, daring and truly personal. Graffiti or street art is making a move into the home, pushing aside traditional wall decor, such as wallpaper, paint and canvas.