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Create an environmentally friendly home

Scientists from around the world are saying that climate change is real and it is here to stay. Global deforestation is having a negative impact on the environment, and it seems that everyone’s carbon footprint is growing.

Laundry room is ready for its makeover

For most of us, the laundry room is probably the least interesting and least glamorous room in our home. Traditionally little if any thought has ever been given to its design or appearance. Just put in a washer and dryer and maybe some shelves and call it a day. That’s been the attitude, and now that’s changing.

Buyers are attracted to midcentury homes of downtown

Over the past few years, you might have noticed that downtown Las Vegas has become a hot spot — not just for its hip, funky bars and restaurants but also for its neighborhoods full of vintage homes. Many of these homes were designed in the midcentury modern architectural style so popular in the post-World War II years between approximately 1945 and 1969.

Stay with familiar when transitioning parents to assisted living

Dear Gail: Recently my Mom took a couple bad falls and is showing signs of dementia. I feel she can no longer be home alone. My position requires a lot of traveling, and having her with me would not be the right decision now. I decided that an assisted-living community would be best as she would be around people 24/7. What suggestions can you give me that will make this transition as smooth as possible in setting up her new home? Thank you. — Laraine

Installing wood panels similar to hanging wallpaper

Q: Don’t laugh, but we want to install some wood paneling sheets in our den. We like that rustic look and warmth that paneling can give. We don’t want to do the entire room, only two walls so that it doesn’t totally look like 1970. How should we start this?

Not rotating vegetables causes decline in production

Q: After 17 years of growing tomatoes, I feel I have depleted most of the nutrients so I am going to dig it up, remove it and replace it with new soil. My idea is to lay down a layer of fruit pulp in a sufficient quantity and then cover with at least 12 inches of planter’s mix. I would do fish guts but I can’t find any quantity. By the 2018 spring planting season, I think I’ll have a super soil. What do you think?

Create a clutter-free closet

From outdated and oversized clothes to overlooked urns and misplaced heirlooms, the closet can become a tangle of all the detritus of life.

College students support school, sports teams with logo decor

University classes are back in full swing, and students have settled into their dorm rooms and apartments. College football also has returned, and one way that students support their teams is with room decor that reflects their university and school mascot.

Harvest Meyer lemon tree in December or when fruit is sweet

Come and visit me at the Home Improvement and Backyard Expo on Sept. 16-17 from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. at the South Point. Bring in some plant samples or pictures and let’s talk about them. Would you like a couple of 10-minute classes? I will stay longer than 2 p.m. if anyone wants to chitchat.