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Heat and virus bring a double threat to vulnerable populations

The fear of exposure may prevent some people from seeking the help they need to avoid heat-related illnesses, the Clark County coroner said. Extreme temperatures are expected this weekend.

Nevada’s 32 venomous creatures: Stay safe with these tips

Nevada’s venomous rattlesnakes, Gila monsters and scorpions all can bite or sting. Here are tips to have positive interactions with wildlife in your backyard or hiking.

Lucky unlucky Henderson woman beat pancreatic cancer’s odds

Mary Kay Duda, 75, hit a streak of bad luck when doctors found a large tumor growing on her pancreas. But she also got a few lucky breaks and beat the often deadly disease by undergoing a risky surgery called the “Whipple procedure.”

Drones, phones changing way vacationers plan their trips

Advertisements and shows about traveling have moved away from just footage of beaches and cocktails one could find anywhere, to enlisting online personalities to broadcast experiences and draw bookings more organically.

Ultraviolent light being used to kill germs in Oregon hospitals

After testing an ultraviolet light disinfection system for five months last year, St. Charles Bend has acquired three Tru-D SmartUVC devices that are now being used to kill some of the nastier germs found around the hospital.

Las Vegas library center gives teens free use of technology — VIDEO

The Best Buy Teen Tech Center at the Clark County Library is stocked with more high-tech gizmos, gadgets and thingies than even the most savvy kid could covet, from computers stuffed with graphics, animation and editing software to a DJ station, robotics equipment, a recording studio and … a sewing machine like Mom’s?

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