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Transgender teen shares triumphs and traumas in new book

As a very small child, Jazz Jennings knew that something was wrong with the way adults were acting toward her. Her parents dressed her in boy clothes, gave her trucks and said things like “Good boy!” But Jennings knew even before she could speak that they were wrong. She was a girl, though her body said otherwise.

Dad shares tattoo tales in new picture book

Daddy’s arms are good for hugs. They’re big and strong and colorful, too. They look kind of like one of your favorite picture books; in fact, Daddy says the drawings on his arms are just like a story to him. In the new book “Tell Me a Tattoo Story” by Alison McGhee, illustrated by Eliza Wheeler, each picture says something important.

‘Quiet Power’ helps introverts seek acceptance

“Quiet Power” author Susan Cain is an introvert; so is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Beyoncé, Emma Watson and Steve Wozniak, creator of Apple computers.

Kids will roar over new dinosaur book

Once upon a time, there were all kinds of dinosaurs on earth. Huge ones. Ginormous ones, and a little boy wanted to be one ofthem. He wished he could be a great big dinosaur — but he didn’t exactly know how. He was certainly willing to find out, though, and who better to learn from than another dinosaur?

Beginnings of basketball, football, soccer and more explored in new book

Rules are rules, and in sports you have to follow them. But why are games played like that, with different balls and a field of certain size? “On the Origins of Sports,” by Gary Belsky and Neil Fine, explains those head-scratchers.