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Sanitation, pruning key to removing diseased parts of plant

Q: We have lost a tremendous section of our garden. In researching, it appears fire blight disease is the problem. Our red-tip photinia was the first and, in a very short time, it looked as if someone had taken a flame thrower to the plants. Euonymus hedges, flowering pink hawthorn and some rose bushes are starting to show the same problem.

Lawns shouldn’t be watered at night during hot months

Hot weather favors lawn diseases common here. Now is an optimum time for controlling lawn diseases before they in get into full swing. If your lawn had disease in the past, now is a good time to apply a fungicide. Fungicides are primarily preventive and work best when they are applied before the disease rears its ugly head.

Golf: Eagle Crest one of the best executive courses

What exactly is an executive golf course? To find the answer, I turned to Donny Long, director of golf at Golf Summerlin, for his definition of an executive golf course.

Kids will roar for ‘Dinosaur Boy Saves Mars’

You are a superhero. It might not be immediately apparent, but your powers are many. You can leap high, jump far, lift heavy objects and hear things your parents would rather you didn’t. And in the new book “Dinosaur Boy Saves Mars” by Cory Putman Oakes, you may be able to singlehandedly stop a terrible interplanetary crisis.

Parker makes an appealing Arizona trip before summer hits

Footloose Las Vegans travel in all directions of the compass but tend to reserve southerly excursions for colder months. You still have time for at least one more trip southward before the weather warms too much.

Gardening: Warm-season vegetables need protecting right now

Historically, the last frost date is March 15 in the Las Vegas Valley. Planting warm-season vegetables before this date, such as tomatoes, peppers and eggplant, can be a bit risky because of a chance for frost.

Submerged St. Thomas now historic lesson along scenic drive

For more than 60 years, the town of St. Thomas was a legend — Nevada’s Atlantis, lying deep under the surface of Lake Mead. But after drought lowered the waters in 2002 and uncovered the old settlement, it has become an interesting and educational destination, with the bonus of a scenic drive to get there and back.

Virgin River hike a must this time of year

The Zion Narrows attracts hikers and adventurers from many parts of the world, but Southern Nevadans are fortunate enough to live within a few hours of this marvelous and unusual hike.

‘Sunny Side Up’ explores trying times for preteen

If it was a snake, it would’ve bit you. Odd words from your grandmother, meaning that whatever you were looking for was practically right in front of you but you didn’t see it.

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