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About 73,000 Nevadans voted early over the weekend

Another 73,000 Nevadans voted early over the weekend, bringing up the statewide total to just over 457,000, according to the Nevada’s secretary of state website.

Study: Next president may have to act to keep Colorado River water flowing

A survey of policy- and decision-makers by the University of Colorado concludes that the president who takes office in 2017 could face the prospect of Colorado River water supply cuts to Arizona and Nevada in January 2018.

Early voting numbers in Nevada looking a lot like 2012’s

With some rural tallies from Friday still uncounted, Democrats hold a lead of about 28,500 votes over Republicans, according to the Nevada secretary of state’s website. Democrats held a lead of 28,652 after the first week in 2012.

Assembly District 1

Two candidates new to campaigns for public office are seeking to fill the shoes of former North Las Vegas state lawmaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick in Assembly District 1.

Assembly District 12

The two candidates in Assembly District 12 disagree on a Nevada ballot measure that would expand firearm background checks to private-party sales and transfers..

State Assembly District 16

Libertarian candidate Ed Uehling, who lost to Democrat Ruben Kihuen in state Senate District 10 two years ago, is hoping to unseat Democrat incumbent Heidi Swank in Assembly District 16, a seat Swank has held since 2012.

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