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Session concludes with cuts

It would seem the Nevada Legislature is finally finished taking a scouring pad to the state’s shiny image as the Southwest’s friendliest place to do business. Indeed, the 2009 biennial session of the state Assembly and Senate is over, its patchwork of cuts in services and taxes on businesses passed to prop up the skeletal remains of a once booming landscape. The tax increases were pushed through over the very vocal objections of the state’s beleaguered governor; the cuts were orchestrated to make the wounds less deep for businesses, which appear to have meekly gone along with the program.

Rules for foreclosure mediation in works

CARSON CITY — The state Supreme Court has begun developing rules to carry out the just-approved law that could save some Nevadans from losing their homes to foreclosure.

Weekly quits ‘green initiatives’ post

CARSON CITY — Clark County Commissioner Lawrence Weekly resigned from a $48,000-a-year part-time job as the state “green initiatives” outreach coordinator for Southern Nevada, legislators were told Wednesday.

‘Green jobs’ measure advances

CARSON CITY — The “green jobs” bill by Senate Majority Leader Steven Horsford won Assembly Ways and Means Committee approval Wednesday after an amendment was added to guarantee workers trained for future renewable energy jobs learn how to perform energy audits.

Awarding of contract to Weekly draws criticism

CARSON CITY — Nevada officials have begun awarding contracts for “green jobs” training projects that will be funded by federal money, and one consulting contract for at least $48,000 has been awarded to a Clark County commissioner.

Lawmakers debate green measures

CARSON CITY — Nevada lawmakers, facing a June 1 adjournment, rushed Thursday to complete work on “green energy” legislation which has become one of the major initiatives of the 2009 session.

Foreclosure bill shifts to Senate

CARSON CITY — Her bill wouldn’t help every person behind on home mortgage payments, but Assembly Speaker Barbara Buckley said Tuesday that analyses show it could keep 17,700 Nevada families from losing homes to foreclosure.

Hardesty touts plan for mandatory mediation

CARSON CITY — About 340 lawyers have volunteered to serve as mediators to work with lenders to keep Nevadans from losing their homes to foreclosure, Nevada Chief Justice Jim Hardesty said Monday.

Bill would let hybrid cars use high-occupancy vehicle lanes

CARSON CITY — A Nevada Senate panel voted Thursday for a measure that would help promote plug-in hybrid cars by letting them use car pool highway lanes even if only one person is in the vehicle.

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