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Kyle Hendricks, Cubs in control of World Series

The Chicago Cubs are minus-250 favorites to win the series, and Kyle Hendricks is a 2-1 favorite in Game 3. Cleveland needs two more strong starts from Corey Kluber.

Kris Bryant, Chicago Cubs have bookmakers cornered

Kris Bryant and the Chicago Cubs are World Series favorites. Who’s really rooting for the Cubs to fail? Maybe a few bookmakers.

Kris Bryant shining star for fading Cubs

For the slumping Chicago Cubs, the All-Star break arrives at the right time. World Series futures wagers on the Cubs at 3-1 odds are no longer such hot tickets.

If Yankees deal a closer, Cubs or Giants could benefit

With the Aug. 1 trade deadline approaching, All-Star reliever Andrew Miller is the Yankees’ most valuable commodity. The Cubs and Giants will be interested.

Chicago Cubs continue to beat up Las Vegas books

The Cubs, who lead the majors with a 47-21 record and a plus-170 run differential, are so popular with the betting public that Las Vegas bookmakers are forced to root against them.

Will the Chicago Cubs win 100 games? You can bet on it

Bookmakers were dealing the Cubs’ regular-season win total at 93 to 93½ when optimism was rampant during spring training. A 14-5 start for the Cubs has forced Chris Andrews to inflate the number.

Bettors ‘crazy’ about young Cubs ahead of season

No longer is a bet on the Cubs’ future a foolish expense. It appears Joe Maddon has the most talented team in the major leagues, and Maddon also might be the best manager in baseball. So, maybe this is the year.