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Rim-protecting Khem Kong someone Rebels can count on

There isn’t a better teammate on UNLV than Khem Birch. He is as thoughtful and sincere a kid as the Rebels have had in years. His heart is as big as his wingspan, a young man who at times can be as naive as he is compassionate. There is no phony to him.

Jimmer’s chucking days over in Sactown

For some reason, the first thing that popped into mind upon reading former Brigham Young gunner Jimmer Fredette was on his way out with the NBA’s Kings was a “Seinfeld” episode called “The Jimmy.”

UNLV not perfect, but clearly good enough

The Rebels were good enough on Wednesday night, beating a Colorado State team that couldn’t match up in talent but was again coached well enough to make things interesting.

A short story about Mike Sanford and an elaborate wrist brace

UNLV’s former football coach, like most coaches, said he didn’t read the newspaper. But a story about former Rebels quarterbacks staking their claim as NFL assistant coaches brought back a favorite Mike Sanford memory.

Upon further review: Timing error a factor in Rebels’ loss at Boise State

It’s not a conspiracy that Oliver Stone would be inclined to turn into a documentary. It was two days too late, but some evidence surfaced to suggest that Deville Smith’s last shot against Boise State should have beat the clock.

UNLV went from top of Everest to depths of Death Valley

It was as difficult and emotional a loss as you can imagine for UNLV’s basketball team. The Rebels played their hearts out for 45 minutes Saturday night and deserved a better fate.

Broncos’ high hopes slowly slip away

When it comes to the NCAA Tournament this college basketball season, most everyone views the Mountain West in a similar manner: a conference worthy of two berths. Maybe.

Lady Rebels player puts education first to be a smarter mother

It was March 2011, and the Lady Rebels had just beaten Utah in their regular-season finale. Three days later, they would play Utah again, in the first round of the Mountain West Tournament.