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Tech company gives new look to downtown Las Vegas signs

A new city of Las Vegas partnership with the Boston-based tech company Soofa is helping take the guesswork out of public transportation downtown, with a little help from the Southern Nevada sun.

Las Vegas officials hope making city ‘smarter’ means getting safer

As the city works towards a courtyard setup where homeless people can access a range of services, officials also are testing cameras that will show whether the new facilities are putting a dent in the high number of Las Vegans who live on the streets.

Las Vegas continues work to become a ‘smart city’

Michael Sherwood wants to make sure the need for new technology in the Las Vegas’ Innovation District is data driven before before the city doubles down. “We’re using these technologies and testing them before going out and making a large investment,” said Sherwood, the city’s Chief Innovation Officer.

Follow a gallon of water from Lake Mead to a Las Vegas tap

It takes a great deal of infrastructure, energy and engineering to get drinking and bathing water through 6,500 miles of pipelines and dozens of reservoirs to the farthest reaches of the Las Vegas Valley’s water system.

Nevada has science edge if Yucca Mountain licensing resumes

The Department of Energy’s Yucca Mountain program was defunded and dismantled under President Barack Obama, leaving only a handful of scientists from the hundreds who once worked on the project.