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Las Vegas still on outside looking in for hosting NCAA championships

Despite hosting four Division I conference basketball tournaments, state-of-the art facilities and the NFL and NHL putting franchises in the city, Las Vegas still can’t get the NCAA to drop its policy on sports gambling in order to host a championship event.

An insane amount of money is spent during March Madness

Although March Madness is a great way for friends to compete against each other, billions of dollars are won and lost by universities, companies and individuals each year trying to find the perfect bracket.

March Madness in Vegas: Busy hotels, Bud Lite and bustling books

Up and down the Strip Thursday, college hoops fans from every corner of the U.S. were checking in to hotels, placing bets at bustling sports books and mixing testosterone with Bud Light and small hills of nachos. It’s big business for Las Vegas’ resort industry.