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Humidity causes most plant disease problems

Question: I am sending you a picture of my funky-looking tree. I think it has some sort of disease problem.

Water – too much or too little – root of problems

Q: I planted six Podocarpus in March, three by the north wall and three by the south wall. Now the three on the north wall have leaves that are turning brown. The three on the south wall are fine. I didn’t realize that the trees would get this much sunscald. Any suggestions on what I can do, besides give them macronutrients and hope for the sun to change course?

Keep tree roots away from walls

Question: We planted a very small fig tree next to our wall 11 years ago, and now it is taking over the whole backyard. I heard the roots can do considerable damage to our plumbing and wall.

Cypress growth points to borer damage

Q: Because of the wind the other night, the tops of two Italian cypress trees broke off about 11 feet from the ground.

Rabbit-proofing requires a few tricks

Question: Do you have any solutions for keeping rabbits from eating plants? I live in Sun City Anthem, and they are a real problem. I just planted some lovely gerbera daisies, and they’ve eaten the plants to the ground.

Plants in containers require special care

Q: I was wondering if there is a trick to container gardening. I have been using potting soil, along with plant food, and my plants keep wilting. What am I doing wrong?

Creeping vine plants require plenty of sunlight

We planted three creepers this spring, and all but one is thriving. The leaves are being stripped. I’ve checked at different times of day for bugs, but all I can see are a few ants. Any suggestions?

Rotate crops to help reduce chance of disease

Q: I grow tomatoes in boxes I have built. I know one is supposed to plant tomatoes in a different place every year and I don’t want to just throw away the dirt in these boxes. I don’t have many places to put this dirt so my question is, “Can I put this dirt in my compost bins?” I have two cement block bins. What, if anything, can I do to that dirt to use it in the same boxes next year at planting time? It’s expensive to buy new dirt and I am poor.

Floridian who wants to use ‘Lady Bird deed’ needs lawyer

I’m an official resident of Florida now. My neighbor is also a widow and her attorney recently set her up with something called a “Lady Bird deed” to ease the transfer of her house upon her death.